Office Scripts arrives in Excel for Windows Desktop

Windows Desktop

It’s here! Office Scripts, Excel’s latest automation tool, arrives in the main desktop version of Excel.

What is Office Scripts?

Office Scripts is the latest scripting environment for Excel, and will eventually replace the the VBA functionality that has been in use for over 20 years.

See our What is Office Scripts for more information about Office Scripts.

Office Scripts in Excel for Web

Office Scripts first became available in Excel for Web, the feature-light version of Excel that has been steadily catching up on functionality thanks to directed efforts of its authors. Until now, Office Scripts was largely ignored by the corporate user base of Excel until available in the desktop version.

Office Scripts comes to the desktop

Now you can use Office Scripts in your normal version of Excel installed on your PC. This is big! A new generation of self-directed users can automate Excel in ways that are more compatible with today’s web-based software interfaces and ways of collaborating. No longer the realm of Web-only Excel, Office Scripts is now literally right in front of Excel’s largest user base.

Why is Office Scripts such a big deal?

For over twenty years, Excel users have been automating their work using macros and VBA. Now, with a more web-based application focus, Office Scripts is a more intuitive choice of automation platform to accompany the modern direction of Excel.

What’s next for Office Scripts?

More users will learn about Office Scripts and start making great things with it. Join them! (Check out these Office Scripts Samples and Scenarios to get started).

Eventually, Office Scripts will take over from VBA macros.

Hopefully we will soon get some great tools to help convert legacy VBA code to Office Scripts!