Export or print multiple sheets

Want a single document exported or printed from multiple sheets? Here's how to get consistent page numbering.


This tip helps you produce professional-looking PDF files and printouts.

The Quick Tip shows how to get page numbering right when exporting multiple sheets.

The Bonus Tip lets you export a subset of worksheets or charts while keeping consistent numbering.

Extending this tip using the Expert Tip shows you how to include a non-numbered page such as an index or contents page.

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Quick Tip

How to make a single PDF or print from multiple sheets

When you need to print or export several sheets or a whole workbook, it can be tricky to get the page numbers to look right. Here’s how to do it:

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to print or export multiple worksheets to PDF:

  1. Add the page number to the header or footer

    Ensure it will update automatically.
    (For example, you might use a common “Page X of Y” format).

  2. Select all the sheets you want to print

    Hold [Ctrl] or [Shift] to select multiple tabs.
    (This can include worksheets and/or charts).

  3. Print or export as normal

    You can still preview first.

Let’s examine the first step in more detail.

In the Page Setup dialog, click the “Header/Footer” tab.

You can then select “Page 1 of ?” from the dropdown list of presets for either the header or footer.

To customize the page numbers further, click “Customize Header” or “Customize Footer”.

The syntax to get the above page number format in the customize dialog is:

Page &[Page] of &[Pages]


&[Page] represents the page number of the current page; and

&[Pages] represents the total page numbers in the print or export.

You can reach the Page Setup dialog from the Page Layout tab of the ribbon toolbar.

How to make the page numbers look correct

The trick with page numbers is to make sure you select all of the relevant sheets before you print or export.

If you just try one sheet at a time, then a page number format “Page X of Y” will always show the Y value the same as the X value.

After you print or export, don’t forget to select just a single sheet again. Otherwise any changes you make will apply to all selected sheets, which can ruin your workbook if done accidentally!

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