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Tips are sent out by email each week, and are available at ExcelQuicker.com by logging in.

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Tips shown on the public section of our website are on a delayed release schedule, and contain only some tip sections.

Tip features

Clear instructions with screenshots


Formulas and keyboard shortcuts

Formula shortcut

Quicksheet PDF


Example files

Example file

VBA syntax

VBA syntax

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Access to tips

Access to tips and website features is determined by the plan selected. See available plans for a summary of each plan’s access.

Tip sections

Quick Tip

Quick Tips show the main purpose of the tip.

You can learn and apply these quickly, to start saving time immediately.

Bonus Tip

Bonus Tips show you how to extend the Quick Tip or operate it even faster.

These are designed to accelerate your time savings, by making full use of each tip after mastering the Quick Tip.

Expert Tip

Expert Tips are designed to maximise your time savings by unleashing the full power of that tip.

The Expert Tips section also shows how to combine different tips together, unlocking a more efficient workflow.

Access to tips

Email access

Each weekly tip is sent out by email.

Advance Publication recipients get each tip as soon as it is published.

Everyone else gets each tip on the Delayed Schedule two weeks later.

Website access

Tips are displayed on our website as soon as they are published.

These are available to logged in account holders on the Advance Publication schedule.

Tips displayed on the public section of our website are on the Delayed Schedule.

More tips

Last week’s tip

Access to last week’s tip can be useful to refer to the previous tip without needing the original Tip of the Week email.

It can also assist in reviewing tips after becoming familiar with using them for a week, as a reminder or to make sure you are getting the full functionality of each tip.

Recent tips

Get access to recent tips so you can combine tips and get even quicker.

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