Quick access to cell formatting

Quickly access cell formatting options using the format cells shortcut.

Quick Tip

Accessing cell formats

How to quickly access the format settings for selected cells.

What is the shortcut to open the format cells dialog?

You can use this keyboard shortcut to open the Format Cells dialog:

Open the Format Cells dialogCtrl + 1
Keyboard shortcut to open the Format Cells dialog.
Format cells dialog
Format cells dialog

Format cells shortcut compared to using the ribbon toolbar

You can also edit some cell formats using the format settings on the ribbon toolbar.

The formatting options on the toolbar can change with different situations (such as the size of your screen), but the format settings shown in the Format Cells dialog stay the same in these changing environments.

Access extra settings for cell formats

The Format Cells dialog contains all of the formatting settings that live on the ribbon toolbar, and more.

If you need to change some particular aspect of a cell’s formatting and the toolbar does not contain that setting, look in the Format Cells dialog instead.


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