Jump to linked cells quickly

Still using the slow way to audit formulas?

Trace cell precedents and dependents in an instant with these handy shortcuts.

Quick Tip

When navigating between referenced cells, it is common to use the Formula Auditing toolbar and functions. However, if you just want a fast way of navigating to the referenced cell or range, there are faster ways to do this:

  • If “edit directly in cells” is switched off, you can double-click on the output cell to navigate quickly to the linked cell it references; or
  • Just use the keyboard shortcut (no need to switch off the “edit directly in cells” setting).

Keyboard shortcut to jump to linked cells

It can be faster to select precedent cells with the keyboard. You can use this keyboard shortcut to jump to linked cells:

Jump to the precedent cell/s referenced by a formulaCtrl + [
Keyboard shortcut to jump to the linked cell or cells

To use this shortcut, you do not need to be in edit mode; you just need to have the dependent cell selected.

This shortcut will jump to cells or ranges that are on the same sheet, on a different sheet, or even in a different workbook file.

If the formula contains multiple references to cells or ranges on the current worksheet, these are all selected. (You can quickly navigate between them using the Tab key).

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