Go to chosen cells quickly

Select the cells you want to go to using the keyboard, fast… no matter where they are in your spreadsheet!

Quick Tip

Quickly find and select the cells you want, including named ranges and cells

Tired of navigating to the cells you want with the mouse?

This can be especially trying when you need to select cells that many rows or columns away from the current view, or on a different worksheet tab… or even in a different workbook file!

To quickly get to the cells you want, just use this keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard shortcut to go to cells in Excel

Use this keyboard shortcut to quickly go to the cells you want:

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Go to cellsF5
Ctrl + G
Keyboard shortcuts to go to cells in Excel

This shortcut opens the “Go To” dialog, which looks like this:

Go To dialog
Go To dialog

Go to named range or recent cell

You can use the “Go To” dialog to go to a recent cell in the list or a named range, like this:

Time needed: 1 minute

How to go to a named range or recent cell in Excel

  1. Open the Go To dialog

    You can use the keyboard shortcut F5 (or Ctrl + G if you prefer)
    Go To dialog

  2. Focus on the list of recent entries and named ranges

    You can just press Tab

  3. Select the chosen cell address or range name

    Use the arrow keys to select the destination

  4. Click OK

    Just press Enter to go to the chosen cell or range

The list of destinations should include all available named ranges. If the list is blank, check that you have first defined the range name (such as by using the Name Manager).

Difference between Go To and Select

There are subtle differences between using Go To and just selecting cells normally:

  • Go To adds the destination to the list of recent cell ranges, which then becomes available to select in the Go To dialog. This can be useful if switching between several cells or ranges that are visually far apart, such as when checking the links or formulas in a spreadsheet.
  • When automating Excel (such as with macros or VBA), Select will select cells whether or not they are visible, whereas Go To will navigate to them as well as select them. For example, if the cells found are on a different tab, Go To will switch to that tab.

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