Unhide multiple worksheets at once


Now you can hide multiple sheets at once, thanks to the latest Excel software update.

Since this feature was requested many years ago, the request has grown in popularity (including via Excel’s suggestion box) and has now been implemented by the Excel product team.

How to unhide multiple worksheets at once

Here’s how to unhide multiple worksheets at once:

Time needed: 1 minute

Unhide multiple worksheets

  1. Right-click on a visible sheet tab

    This works for any visible sheet tab. Tabs are shown below the grid area.

  2. Click “Unhide…” to show the Unhide dialog

  3. Select the sheets you want to unhide

    You can select multiple sheets at once by using the Shift key or Ctrl key. On a mac, use Shift or Command.

  4. Click “OK” to unhide the selected sheets

    You can also press the Enter key to unhide the selected sheets.

More details can be found at Unhide multiple worksheets – Microsoft Tech Community.

Software version requirements

You will need one of these versions of Excel (or higher) to use this feature:

  • Windows: Excel version 16.0.13525
  • Mac: Excel version 16.45

This feature is also available in Excel for Web.