Conditional formatting improvements


Now you can duplicate conditional formatting rules and resize conditional formatting dialog boxes.

Duplicate conditional formatting rules

Sometimes you need a few similar conditional formatting rules, each slightly different than the others.

This previously meant you have to build each rule individually, which can be cumbersome and error-prone.

You can now create a new rule based on an existing rule instead, by duplicating the existing rule and making the necessary changes.

Resize conditional format dialogs

You can also now resize conditional format dialogs

This applies to the list of active conditional format rules, and the settings for a editing a new or existing rule.

There are many elements across the Office suite, including in Excel, that don’t make good use of available screen space. This is especially the case for scrolling lists of things. We can now cross this one off, which is a small step in the right direction.

Learn more

For more information on both of these improvements to conditional formatting, see Resizable Conditional Formatting dialogs. (Despite its title, that article outlines both of these new features).

To access these features, your software version needs to be at least Excel for Windows version 16.0.13530.

You can also get the duplicate feature (but no the resize feature… yet) on Excel for Mac from version 16.47.